SuperCasino Presents: The Uk3Lions World Cup Tour

Have now been at Art Football world championships for 2 days and have already beat the Italian team in a five a side game. Seriously though all the countries here, 16 in total, are all so friendly and inviting. I have already travelled from a venue with the South Korean team as I stayed longer than the rest of the UK3Lions team. I learnt to say hello but will probably have forgotten it when I get back to Supercasino.

Uk3Lions in Russia

UK3Lions arrive in Russia to a huge welcome








The opening ceremony was a enormous event with all the teams taking part and huge crowds welcoming all the teams into the concert arena, it felt incredible to be walking along representing Great Britain and having everyone cheering. We even had a go at doing the biggest team selfie, we’re all in there!

UK3Lions Team

Team #Selfie

The second day was all about the UK3Lions concert, we were the first country to perform and had a prime Saturday night. During the day sound checks went well, even in temperatures of 32 degrees, yes it is that hot here in Moscow and will be for the whole tournament, lots of water is being drunk.

The concert was an amazing success with thousands of spectators watching the team members perform on the stage. I was the compère and host of the night and the energy from both the crowd and the artists on the stage made my job a lot of fun, I even ran into the audience on occasion.

Rob Lamarr with Uk3Lions

Rob working his magic on the crowd in Russia

Now with the concert done it’s time to move onto the football side of the event, the first game is against Turkey then it’s Slovenia before meeting the seeded team in the group Israel. We’re all ready. The tournament has just begun.

Will be back with more updates soon

Fare Thee Well