Time for the next chapter in our ‘Meet The Presenters’ series and this time we followed the vivacious Anna Jardine Jones backstage for the evening. We asked her about her favourite part of the live roulette show, falling over on air and her love of all things sweet. As the longest running female presenter on SuperCasino, Anna had quite a few secrets to tell.

Anna Jardine Jones

The Presenter

You already know Anna Jardine Jones as one of the beautiful women brightening up Channel 5 at night but there’s so much more to her than just beauty.

I’ve been doing this for nearly nine years now. At one point I did have a break and went to work on cruise ships as a social hostess because I just needed to do some travelling. It was fun, I loved taking care of people and doing bingo occasionally. It’s a great way to see the world and I was brown all year round. But I came back to SuperCasino, I just couldn’t stay away.

Anna loves food, with a particular taste for the more unhealthy snacks when she’s at the studio.

I’ve stopped bringing in change because otherwise I’ll just raid the vending machine.. I’ve been known to have crisps and then a chocolate bar and then some sweet but I’ve given them all up for Lent. I like popcorn very much, mostly savoury but sometimes sweet and salty. Skittles are a treat. I go through stages where I have to give them up, but I so love sweeties!  I want to eat them every day. It’s a good thing I do lots of yoga.

The Preparation

If there’s one thing in the world that’s irresistible, it has to be Anna’s charm when she steps into the studio.  She immediately asks how you’re doing and then starts chatting with ease to anyone in the vicinity.

Usually I put my makeup on first and then rifle through my locker to find something to wear. I have dresses dating back to when I started about 9 years ago. I’ll pick something depending on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I plan ahead especially if there’s a new dress I am looking forward to trying out, so sometimes a lot of thought will have gone into it.”  Anna flashes a cheeky smile as she continues, “On other nights not as much thought goes into it and I end up wearing something less exciting.

Anna may always look fantastic but she is clearly not a vain person.

I’ve got no specific routine, as long as I’m well fed and have had a nice hot shower before. That’s very important. I’m not good at having powernaps like Rob. I think I’m quite lucky in that I have a lot of energy anyway but I will try to get a good night’s sleep the night before.

That boundless energy definitely shows, whether the camera is on or off. You probably won’t ever see it but Anna often does laps around the roulette table in between spins, occasionally without shoes.

I don’t think anyone else moves around the studio anywhere near as much as I do. I genuinely enjoy myself when I’m in there. I have a great relationship with the producers and presenters that I work with and I think that translates well on screen. Also, I giggle more than others. We often have silly conversations when I’m not in vision, trying to make each other laugh.

The Show

As professional and experienced as she is, the excitement of live television hasn’t waned much over the years for Anna Jardine Jones.

Just before going live you always get this little rush, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it. I like hearing from people via email during the show. When people are having a good time, you feel like you have a good rapport with players. I love to do things live but it’s more about making a good show and having an understanding with the producer so you’re on the same line. They’re all really nice to work with and we’ve all been friends for a long time.

She is quite good at laughing at herself so there is a chance she doesn’t have that kind of bad side anyway. When things go wrong on air, she brushes it off with a smile.

Frequently when reading the winners list, I’ll say something that isn’t there or I’ll be reminded of something a bit rude which I can’t say but then comes out anyway. Mispronouncing is probably the most ridiculous thing I do. The other day, a player’s name had ‘wonder’ in it and I misread it as ‘woomer’ and I literally couldn’t stop laughing. For a whole game I was hysterical and I kept trying to compose myself which didn’t work. It didn’t affect the game in any way and people were still busy playing. Actually when something like that happens, people know just how live the show is and that’s really nice. I love to laugh in life in general and on screen is no exception.


The Highlights

With Anna being one of the longest running SuperCasino presenters, she has quite a collection of stories to share. She claims that because of how much she moves around, pacing and balancing on one leg, she’s fallen over quite a few times.

I’ve disappeared from in front of the camera on a number of occasions while live. There’ll be nothing on screen and then my head will pop back up again slowly. One time we had a new producer and on his first shift with me I absolutely decked it. It was the funniest thing but he was too concerned about me to appreciate the humour and laugh along. I think I’m the clumsiest presenter but then again I’m just clumsy in life.

However, the most famous story dates back a few years when SuperCasino worked with a green screen in the studio rather than the full set you see today.

Many years ago when we did live blackjack I was wearing a green dress standing against the green screen, so when it went to camera, there was nothing but my floating head and two arms! Not ideal but really funny. I had to go and change as it was ridiculous trying to deal cards with my head floating around. I wish I had footage of that because it was really funny. Valuable lesson: don’t wear green against a green screen because you disappear. Or do, for comedy purposes.

That reminds us, we should dive into our archives to find this floating version of Anna. We’ve got our 10th birthday coming up soon after all!

Anna confesses she’s not a social media genius but she loves hearing from players while hosting the show on Channel 5!

Email: anna@supercasino.com – Twitter: @annajardinej and @SuperCasinoCom