For those of you who read my last blog on here, you will know that I was about to attempt my first ever triathlon event. It may only have been a sprint triathlon, but you can’t spell “sprint triathlon” without the word “triathlon”!

Well I have completed the three event frenzy and here is how I got on:

I survived!

Okay-okay, not specific enough, I’ll try again:

I really survived!

The lead up to the competition was pretty nerve wracking and for some reason I only managed to get about 5 hours sleep as I just couldn’t relax. I knew I could complete each discipline as I had done a trial event twice during the week, but the idea of actually going toe to toe with people who trained week in and week out made me a little bit anxious.

I arrived at the venue at 8:30am, registered and set about laying my various bits of kit out in my designated section of the transition area.

It was around this point that it finally sunk in. I was going to actually compete in a three discipline competition with only 9 days training to prepare!

So, with everything in order and in its rightful place I made my way to the pool, did a few warm up laps and moved into my lane. Swimming is probably my strongest of the three and so I was pretty confident.

Other than being held up slightly by a couple of people who swam slower than I wanted, I opted to stay in the person in fronts wake (to save energy), it all passed pretty nicely – you might even say “swimmingly”! (8:57 for the swim).

Out I got, ran straight to the transition area, got sorted and on my bike and of I went on the 20k cycle. Again, no problems here really and I was very happy with my total time (41:41 riding time).

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Bryn running around a carpark

Then came hell!

The run was my least favourite discipline and the one I was most fearful of. Okay it’s only 5k, but my lack of training was going to become apparent. I suffer from a bad lower back when running due to not stretching enough after sport, and so I had invested in a rather snazzy support strap. The problem was, I hadn’t tried to run with it on before and I quickly discovered it was like a corset and would prevent me being able to breathe properly which resulted in a stitch I simply could not budge!

Running over the muddiest, slipperiest terrain ever I slowly got through metre after metre of undulation muck and was so relieved to reach the 4k marker as only 1k left to endure.

Turning that last bend onto the finish straight I somehow found the energy to sprint, and over the line I went. A total running time of 28:15 – I’m no Roger Bannister!

My finishing time (including transitions) was a respectable 1:25:35 and position 285 out of 450 competitors. I am more than happy with that as my first attempt and am now planning my next event where I aim to smash this time to pieces!

Thanks to all who supported me for my cause as well, the donations are greatly received.

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