In recent times I have been writing about what I get up to when I am not in the Supercasino studio. I’ve mentioned the sports I do and some of the other shows I present. I thought I would stay on this line of topic for a couple of blogs, just to keep the bran flow (otherwise I get all in a muddle!).

Last year I was offered the role of commentator at Santa Pod, the home of European drag racing. The position was to be in the “tower”  photo 4– the building that actually spans the entire start line of the drag strip – but in reality I was given a very wide remit!

As a fan of anything with an engine, I was unable to turn the offer down.

During some events I do indeed stand above the cars as the shoot off down the ¼ mile drag strip trying to outdo their opponent and improve upon their own personal best, on other occasions I find myself in the middle of the live action arena with stunt drivers performing donuts around my legs, and monster truck leaping cars from about 20 meters away!

To begin with I was not really clued up that much about what drag racing was, I mean, I knew it was about driving down a straight bit of road as quickly as possible, but how involved can it be? Turns out, extremely!

photo 3Drag racing features the huge machines that you used to draw as a child (the typical large rear wheels and tiny fronts, the vast rear wing and engine that seems to dominate the entire body shell), but it also caters for vehicles that you would be mistaken to believe are a standard road car – the variety is mind blowing and it would take me too long to write differences in this short blog. Instead I would urge you to visit the link at the bottom of this page to Santa Pods website and check it out for yourself, plus they have described it far better than I ever could!

Anyway, this  year I was asked to present the web based broadcasts they produce for the very competitive Front Wheel Drive Drag Series. The cars look pretty standard from the outside (apart from the huge front tyres that are barely pumped up at all –sometimes as low as 6 psi – a road car would run at about 32), but the insides and under the bonnet are, for want of a better word,  “insane”!

Now, you might think the job sounds pretty cool, being around some of the fasted straight line speed cars in Europe, and you’d be right! You might also think that it’s a pretty glamorous lifestyle too…there I have to probably call a “time out”!

Whenever you look at the polished surfaces and pristine backgrounds at any event you go to, what you never get to see is the reverse side of those surfaces, the bit the public don’t have access to. This side is always the last to be painted (if ever at all). Also the concept of being able to commentate on motorsport is fantastic, and I love doing it, but it can be a fatly solitary existence, sitting or standing looking at timing screens and trying to relate the information to an audience who aren’t watching you (why would they), nor really bothered who the voice belongs to –but don’t for one second feel sorry for me or get the violins out, I love the job, I love the drama and the excitement, and I have to pinch myself every time I am there, just to remind myself that it is real!

Anyway, occasionally , there is the presentation section of the day and this normally means a couple of attractive lycra clad females are Bryn Lucasthrust upon me to make the whole event that bit more glitzy…actually what am I saying, yes commentating can be glamorous, and I am going to leave it at that!

Santa Pod is in Befordshire and hosts a huge amount of events though out the year. Entrance price is very reasonable and there is more than just drag racing to see on most occasions.

Check out the website for more information and to see when the next event is on.

I really hope to see a few of you there in the coming months.

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