When not presenting Supercasino,  motorsport,  live action arena spectaculars with cars being driven directly at me at 40 miles an hour before skidding to a halt by my shins, bikes flipping in the sky and Monster trucks leaping over whatever they find I also have a bit of a liking for design!

SuperCasino presenter Bryn Lucas

I don’t mean that I sit with a pen and paper and conjure up great pieces of art work, what I mean is that I have a liking for creating things. I am not an interior designer or a landscape gardener (although I have done a bit of that in the past), what I am though is just a bit creative, and this finds its way in to most parts of my life.

I host the largest live consumer show in the UK that looks at all things home and garden based and so in the early part of 2014 I was asked to present a new online series of features for a global audience looking at top tips for achieving certain looks for your home and garden, turning small spaces into a useful and inspiring home office, making a city garden a place of peace and tranquillity – that sort of thing.

Bryn Lucas Presents

I film these features (“Real Home Lookbook”) in blocks of eight episodes which are released weekly on the Love Your Home network. The network is available all over the world and receives extremely high viewing figures from people looking for some guides to décor, without the cost of having to buy one!

How does it work?

I get the scripts sent through from the production office prior to filming. The research team have compiled the things they would like to be covered off and this makes up the backbone of the features.

I arrive on the set (sometimes studio, sometimes a location) and we film each episode in sequence (some shoots you will film the intro and outro of the show at the same time, the interview a the end and the middle links at some other time as well – and then it’s all pieced together in the editing suite and held together by a voice over – but this show is shot mostly in order).

There are often times where we will adapt the script if I or the director feels the language isn’t quite right, or if we feel the tip we are trying to give needs to be altered slightly, but in general it is a fairly simple process as the work is done prior to the camera starting to record.

Behind the scenes.

On the last shoot however we encountered a few issues! I haven’t seen the features yet but will link to it on my Twitter when they are out.

Presenter Bryn Lucas

We were shooting in Kew not a million miles from the beautiful gardens there. If you know the area you will be familiar with a certain issue of a local airport! Heathrow is not all that far from Kew and so on this particular day the flight path was almost directly over the location (we were shooting in the garden of a beautiful Victorian house).

This meant we had to time each take between planes landing – something which happens about every 30 seconds it would appear, making it somewhat challenging. Not only that but it was a beautiful day and, although it was midweek, every house in the local area seemed to decide they needed to mow their lawn in preparation for the scorching weekend and commencement of the British barbecue season!

So cue the lawn mowers, aeroplanes and then, to our delight – a circular saw! Yep, someone decided to build themselves some decking on that day of all days!

I am looking forward to seeing the final edit – I wonder if a: you can hear the vast array of background noise and b: whether you can see in my eyes just how the day was going?!

These features are really good fun to film and if you want some tips or inspiration on how to get “the look”, make sure you give them a watch!

Click here for more information on the “Real Home Lookbook”

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