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What not to do in Dublin

We’re sure once you’ve planned a trip to Dublin, you’ll be inundated with advice from friends who’ve visited the city before. They’ll tell you to visit Trinity College and of course you absolutely must walk across the Samuel Beckett Bridge. Surely you’ve heard or read it all before, which is exactly why we decided to put together some tips that are actually useful, a list of what not to do in Dublin and some acceptable alternatives. Because nobody ever mentions the disappointments but we believe bringing them up is the best way to avoid similar catastrophes. Here goes!

1.       Don’t visit Temple Bar at night.

Yes, it’s famous. No, you won’t have a good time. Because of its appeal to tourists, the pricelist will give you a headache and the venue is always packed. Dublin’s Cultural Quarter is still worth a visit but word to the wise, step inside during the day to marvel at the sights but go enjoy the night life elsewhere.

There are some great craft beer bars dotted around the city which will allow you to expand your horizons rather than be crushed between sweaty tourists. L. Mulligan Grocer does Irish food and drink like no other, the menu changing regularly and they have a grocery section where you can buy ‘the good stuff’ like retro sweets and Irish farmhouse cheeses. Prepare to unbutton your trousers!

2.       Don’t take a picture of your pint of Guinness.

When one of your friends goes to visit this Viking settlement, you can bet your ass he’ll put a picture of his Guinness on Facebook accompanied by the tagline ‘The only way to have a pint in Dublin’. Or worse, he’ll do a proper selfie and put it on Instagram bearing the hashtag #likeaboss. Don’t be the predictable guy. Instead, visit Guinness Storehouse which you’ll find at the heart of St James’s Gate Brewery and looks like a massive pint. Now that’s a picture worth taking. You can also take a hike up to the Gravity Bar for a 360° view of Dublin. Cheers to a successful trip lads!

3.       Don’t go to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Dressing up in green and going down to your local Irish pub is all fine and dandy when staying in Britain and we can certainly see the appeal of wanting to visit the source of all fun on St Paddy’s. However, Dubliners will tell you the parade is more chaos and carnage than a barrel of laughs.

If you’re searching for the latter, you’re far better off securing a ticket to the finale of Comedy: Best of Irish at The Laughter Lounge. 10 stand-up comedians compete for the title of funniest person in Ireland with the audience serving as judges. This annual event forms part of the St Patrick’s Festival so you still get to enjoy the classic atmosphere, just in a much more entertaining setting.

4.       Don’t just stick to the sights. Or the Guinness.

There’s more to Dublin than walking the streets in search of landmarks stemming from the civil war and standing next to a Guinness-shaped building, even though we recommend you still plan those in. Pack your swimming trunks and pay a visit to the National Aquatic Centre. No, it’s not just a massive pool although it does host competitive training. We are of course talking about the AquaZone which features the biggest water rides in Europe! Just the names are enough to rise the anticipation of a spectacular afternoon with your mates: Flow Rider, Master Blaster, Flumes, Lazy River and so on. Adult tickets aren’t even that expensive so get surfing and sliding!