How long have you been looking forward to the Easter Weekend? If you’re like us, you’ve probably been craning your neck for some time now. Everywhere in the United Kingdom people will be celebrating the resurrection of Christ by eating chocolate. To some that may sound a little off but there are plenty more weird Easter traditions around the world. With people hosting egg rolling competitions in certain parts of England, it’s comforting to know that we’re not the biggest oddballs around.

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Let’s travel to Australia first, where there are no chocolate Easter bunnies in sight. Rather the Easter Bilby does the honours on Sunday, bringing eggs and other treats to the houses. In Greece, Corfu in particular, the festivities are most spectacular on Silent Saturday when people throw clay pots from their windows and balconies to get rid of evil. The biggest tradition in Greece involves baking eggs that have been painted red into bread, although we imagine they peel them before eating.

Slovakia and the Czech Republic might just have the weirdest Easter tradition as women will be whipped with willow branches and very often also doused in water. Don’t worry, it’s done with the best intentions. These rituals are supposed to make the women more beautiful and healthy. If only they didn’t have to be thrown into a river to get the desired effect.

In warmer regions, Easter becomes rather fun. Bermuda has a tradition of flying kites on Good Friday. Nobody knows the real story behind it but it makes for a spectacular sight and many people spend weeks if not months working on their Easter kites. In between flying, Bermudians eat codfish cakes and hot cross buns to make it a truly festive celebration.

Closer to home the Easter bunny is replaced by the Easter bells that drop eggs in everyone’s garden while flying back to France, Belgium and the Netherlands after visiting Rome. The story was created as an explanation for why the church bells wouldn’t ring on Silent Saturday. After all, you can’t expect bells to clang away when they’re full of chocolate can you?

Forget what we said about Slovakia being at the top of the weird list. Norway might actually win this one thanks to its tradition to read or watch murder mysteries as a family. Coming together to figure out who’s done it is supposed to bring families closer. This is not just a little Easter tradition on the side. Big broadcasting and publishing companies actually time their schedules so that they can run murder mysteries on television all through Easter and release their latest thriller just in time.

By now you’ve realised that there are plenty of weird Easter traditions around the world. And then we haven’t even mentioned the butter lambs in Poland and Russia or how the Finnish watch grass grow to signify the start of spring. We’re more than happy to stick to chocolate eggs, bunnies, a four-day weekend and an Easter Cash Giveaway at SuperCasino.