So you have an iPhone. You’re constantly browsing the internet on your Samsung Galaxy. At the gym, the iPod is your best friend. Welcome to the age of technology, my friend! You have arrived.

Today all of us own of a number of gadgets but we aren’t always familiar with the many cool things they can do for us. Hidden features and apps are everywhere and can really make our lives a bit easier, if only we know where to find them.

Here’s few tips on how to make your gadgets work for you:

–          Stay within the same family. Imagine having an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note and HP laptop. All great products, but they run different operating systems which makes them difficult to sync. For example, if you stick to Android devices then you can easily link them to each other and have access to all your information, anytime and everywhere. Some brands tend to be a bit smarter about it than others. Remember when people used to curse their Mac for not being able to open Word documents? Hello, Office for iOS!


–          Save money. Free apps for everyone! Plenty of developers offer a basic version of their app for free which has the option of making in-app purchase to unlock more advanced features. Often the free app will offer you plenty to get going so you don’t actually need to whip out your credit card.

You can be even smarter and pay a little fee for an app that replaces another expensive service. For those who don’t have unlimited text messages or go abroad a lot, use WhatsApp Messenger. It costs only £0.69 and allows you to text all your friends who also have the app for free via the internet, including sending pictures and videos. Wi-Fi has never felt better.


–          Use your TV. If you love watching series and movies online, you’ll often feel stuck watching your favourite drama or comedy on a small screen. Netflix is great service but Game of Thrones simply doesn’t have the same ‘oomph’ when you’re watching it on an iPad Mini. With AppleTV or Chromecast, you simply transfer what’s on your tablet to the telly, sit back and relax! Popcorn not included.


–          Uncover secrets. Many tech-savvy people have come before us so we can learn from them. You could try an app called iPad Secrets which claims to be helpful for all ages or have a look on the web yourself to find tips and tricks. Plenty of tech magazines have created lists which unveil great features on your smartphone you never knew existed. These days you can even buy a kettle that can be switched on via an app. Who’s need of some iTea?


–          Have fun. Gadgets aren’t just life enhancing tools, they’re supposed to be fun too! The amount of games available is astonishing, from puzzles to quests and racing games. Surely you’ve heard of the immensely popular Candy Crush? For mobile casino gaming you can download SuperCasino from the App Store or find the website on Android.

Featured image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos