There are people who never venture away from outside bets when playing live roulette and then there are those who have mastered all possible betting combinations and their respective odds for an enhanced gaming experience. If you belong to the first category but are aiming to progress into the second, read through SuperCasino’s ultimate guide to roulette odds and soon the student will become the master.

The ultimate guide to roulette odds

Our online community here at SuperCasino consists of many different kinds of roulette players. Some are in it for the fun and will place the occasional bet. Some call themselves true experts and have devised their own betting strategy which they believe gives them an edge. Whatever your preferred playing style when betting on our real wheel, SuperCasino wants you to have the opportunity to play on your own terms. So absorb all information in our ultimate guide to roulette odds and go off into the world of live online roulette to use it as you please!

This guide will cover the odds for French Roulette as those are the real wheels we use here at SuperCasino. If you’re after details about American Roulette which boasts a double zero on the wheel, you can have a look online to learn more.

Odds of 1:1 – Most Outside Bets

In order to double your stake when winning you need to place an Outside Bet covering half the roulette table, not including zero. Even, Odd, Red, Black, High (19 to 36) and Low (1 to 18) are all bets that will win you £1 if your stake was £1, topping up your balance with £2. These bets can be found at the bottom of the roulette table.

Odds of 2:1 – Remaining Outside Bets

Just above the Outside Bets that pay even money and to the side of the table are the Outside bets that have odds of 2 to 1. This means that if you were to bet £1 and you won, you would receive £2 on top of your stake. You can bet on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd dozen if you like these odds or place your chips on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd column.

Odds of 5:1 – Line Bet

Looking at the roulette table, you’ll see the numbers are arranged in rows of three. A line bet covers two of these rows, making for a total of six numbers in a single bet. When you stake £1 on a line bet and one of the numbers covered is the winning result, you win £5 on top of your bet so a total of £6 would be returned to your account. This bet is sometimes also referred to as ‘Six Line’ or ‘Double Street’.

Odds of 8:1 – Corner Bet

As you will have noticed by now the less numbers you cover with your chip stack, the higher the pay-out will be when you win. A corner bet is placed by putting a chip where the corners of four numbers join, hereby betting on those four numbers simultaneously. If one of those comes up after the ball has dropped, a £1 bet would give you a return of £8 plus your stake. Sometimes this bet is also called Square and can include green zero.

The ultimate guide to roulette odds

Odds of 11:1 – Street Bet

Whereas a Line Bet covered two rows of numbers, a Street Bet only applies to one row or three numbers in total. The chip has to be placed on the edge of the row for it to be valid. The odds for a Street Bet are 11 to 1, meaning a £1 stake wins you £11 with a total of £12 being added to your balance. There are 12 rows for you to bet on, which is also the logic behind the odds attached to the Street Bet.

Odds of 17:1 – Split Bet

The name is derived from the fact that you split your between two numbers. All you have to do to place a Split Bet is put your chips on the line that separates the numbers you want to bet on. Carefully put your chips in the middle of the dividing line because if you touch the corner lines of any other numbers, it becomes a corner bet. Pay-out for a Split bit is 17 to 1, returning £18 to your account if your £1 stake wins. That’s your original stake of £1 plus £17 in winnings.

Odds of 35:1 – Straight Up Bet

The bets with the highest odds are those that have the least chance of coming up as a winner. It will come as no surprise that this is reserved for Straight Up bets where you only bet on a single number across the table. Some players have a number they consider lucky and will put a chip on it during every spin. When you bet £1 on a single number and the wheel makes you a winner, you’ll receive no less than £35 plus your initial £1 bet.

Mixed odds – French Bets

The odds for French Bets are calculated differently because each consists of different smaller bets. Voisins du Zéro features a bet on the three numbers 0, 2 and 3 (giving the same odds as a row bet), four split bets and a corner bet. For Tiers you’ll be placing six split bets and the Orphelins contains one straight up bet and four split bets. The important thing to remember is that the odds of the smaller bets apply. For example, if you’ve decided to use a £1 chip to bet on Tiers, you will actually use 6 chips of £1 to cover the six split bets with your total stake being £6. If you win, the pay-out will be the same as for a split bet (17-1) so in this case £17 plus your initial stake of £1 on that split bet.

Aside from the French Bets, you are of course free to make your own combinations whilst playing roulette. You can bet on Red and add a Straight Up at the same time or stake a chip on the 1st dozen while also placing a Street Bet. Just keep track of the odds for each of these bets and you’ll know exactly how much you could potentially win in the next spin. Good luck!

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