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SuperCasino Royale

The casino is often portrayed as a luxurious and opulent place, particularly on film. Many a Hollywood blockbuster has had a casino within its storyline, with James Bond playing more than a hand or two on the big screen. Over the years, there has been a handful of actors who have brought the Fleming character to life, all of which successfully managing to inject huge amounts of sophistication into this iconic MI6 agent.

The SuperCasino Royale infographic helps to summarise the six talented actors that have been fortunate enough to add James Bond to their acting resume, and while the story behind the movies vary, a casino can often be found in them. In fact, out of the 23 films that have been made over the years, 13 of them have included scenes in a casino!

But who was the best Bond? Everyone will undoubtedly have their own opinion about who was the best Bond – those who are in the Connery camp may not agree with those backing Craig, after all. Which Bond drank the most Martinis? Who got the most girls? Who gambled the most? The infographic helps with the answers.

One of the best-known actors to portray Bond was Sean Connery, who starred in 6 films between 1962 and 1971, and was rather partial to gambling in comparison to his successors. While he has been seen playing various casino games, he seems to favour Chermin de Fer, which he was playing in the opening scenes of Dr. No – the first Bond movie ever made.

Next up was George Lazenby, who only starred in one film as the international super-spy, but still managed to cram in a game of Chermin de Fer before the credits rolled. Roger Moore arrived on the scene in 1973, starring in 7 Bond films and is a firm favourite when it comes to answering “who was the best Bond”. He has been seen playing Chermin, Backgammon and Sic Bo – when he wasn’t wooing the 19 ladies, that is.

The 1980s saw Timothy Dalton in the role, but he only frequented the casino once for a game of blackjack. Following a few years’ break, Bond returned with Brosnan at the helm, and could be found in a casino in half of his film appearances, playing Baccarat and High Card Draw.

Most recently, we have seen Daniel Craig as Bond, racking up 3 films so far, including the awesome Skyfall. He has been found in the casino twice during his film repertoire, including as part of the aptly named Casino Royale.

So, who’s your favourite? And who can you picture as the next Bond?