As proud sponsors of Big Brother SuperCasino has someone super special to introduce you to – our Big Brother superfan and sharp as a tack “croupier” from across the pond SuperCassandra (you can call her SuperCass, if you like). Cass is American and just loves to watch our Brits behaving badly on Big Brother, almost as much as she loves paying out wins on the roulette table. She lives in the space between the adverts and Big Brother, and every episode will be a new opportunity to learn more about our enigmatic, but very glamorous, new spokesperson.

If you want to know what SuperCassandra thinks of this year’s housemates, she’ll be live tweeting during the 9pm shows all summer long. No secret whispers or stolen kisses will get past SuperCass – she’ll have her eyes on the housemates at all times, commenting on their antics and seeing what SuperCasino fans have to say about this year’s show.

When she’s not watching Big Brother or spinning a roulette wheel, Cass is a classy lady who loves fashion and having fun. Having a job that you get to wear evening dress for is a dream come true for SuperCass, and she can’t wait to see what the female housemates have chosen for their launch night outfits. She’ll also be keeping a close eye on the best dressed boys too, of course 😉


While you’ll never see SuperCass looking less than immaculate, there’s far more to her than glamorous good looks alone. She’s looking forward to playing the game from cyberspace, tweeting tips and advice that could help her favourite housemates go on to win the show.

To get to know SuperCass even better, follow the hashtags #SuperCass and #SuperCassandra – go on, she’s not shy. Follow her, tweet her and cyberstalk her all you like. Who knows, she might even give you a cheeky tweet back – if you’re lucky!

So far, SuperCass has been excited to see sneaky first glimpse pics of the new ultra modern and very sleek and sexy Big Brother house. The large circular bathtub-big-enough-for-three and outdoor pool have caught her eye as having particular potential for naughtiness (who could forget Luisa, Jasmine and Dappy’s antics in the bathtub in Celebrity Big Brother!). The futuristic ‘Power Trip’ theme promises mind games aplenty, adding an evil twist to the show – plus, for the first time ever, it’s been reported that housemates will have access to technology and gadgets, and even social media!

Maybe one of them will give #SuperCass a tweet?

If you’re a big fan of Big Brother, and you love the online casino games at, you’ll have a new BFF in SuperCass. And don’t forget to stay tuned to Channel 5 after Big Brother for SuperCasino’s flagship Live Roulette show – who knows, SuperCassandra might stick around to say hi.