Everyone has a strategy when it comes to choosing their rouletteEngland 1966 numbers – even if it is just closing your eyes and picking the first number that comes to your mind. With the World Cup about to kick off, and memories of the 1966 triumph flooding your mind, you may feel a little luckier if you choose roulette numbers that have some sort of significance.

While the England win was almost 50 years ago now, people who were fortunate enough to be there, and those who heard the stories from previous generations, will relive tales of jubilation and celebration as the World Cup begins. Our team may or may not walk away with the cup this year (keeping fingers crossed!), but there’s no denying our epic 4-2 win over West Germany 48 years ago. So, what lucky numbers could you use? Here’s some football history for you, to help you channel the luck of ’66:

– England triumphed over West Germany on the 30th July, 1966. There may not be a 66 on the roulette wheel, but there is a 30 and a 7!

 – Kick off was at 3pm, so you could add the number 3 to your lucky numbers list

– Centre forward, Geoff Hurst, wearing the iconic number 10 shirt, scored a hat trick during the game – 3 goals, one at 18 minutes, and the other two in extra time, at 101 minutes and 120 minutes. His 2nd goal, at 101 minutes, was a controversial one because it hit the line, rather than clearing it completely, but the referee ruled it in England’s favour and our team continued to triumph. While 101 and 120 aren’t on the wheel, 18 is!

– Martin Peters scored the other goal, just before full time, in the 78th minute. He wore the number 16 shirt.

– The final goal, by number 10 Geoff Hurst in the final minutes of extra time, gave rise to one of the most iconic phrases in sporting history; “…they think it’s all over. It is now!”

– The final score was 4-2, to England. Perhaps the number 4 should be added to your lucky line-up?

So, if you were to use the lucky numbers from this iconic World Cup game to try and up your roulette chances, they would be 30, 7, 3, 10, 18, 16 and 4. Five of them are even and two of them are odd – so evens would be ideal if you’d prefer an easy bet that has a good chance of paying out for you. Or why not bet on red inspired by the England red and white colours? However, if you’re feeling lucky, perhaps you could pop a cheeky bet on a single number, or if you’re not feeling quite that brave, 4, 7, 10 and 16 all fall into the first column and 3, 8 and 18 are in the third column of the roulette table, for a bet that’s middle of the road when it comes to risk.

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