Have you left your Christmas shopping to the very last minute? It happens to the best of us. We know we’ll have a few days off during the festive season and as a result, we spend the weeks leading up to Christmas working frantically so things won’t accumulate during our precious time away from the office. Sadly, this means you haven’t really made time to buy presents for your loved ones and before you know it, there’s only one weekend left until the big day and you find yourself ‘gift-less’.

Before you start to panic, take a deep breath because we’re here to help you out! Even for those starting on time, shopping can be a bit daunting if you’re keen to impress with the perfect present. So if you have a friend who enjoys the casino glamour or you’re quite the fan yourself and you’d like to give your partner some tips, here are some perfect roulette gifts for Christmas!


If the recipient doesn’t just have a love of the game but also quite the sweet-tooth, a chocolate roulette wheel could be a safe bet. One of the most common versions – you’ve probably seen them – would be the Chili Wheel. Twelve normal-looking chocolates sit in a circle, eleven are tasty but one will take the roof of your mouth as it’s filled with chili. For a more impressive gift, find a chocolatier and order a beautiful chocolate roulette wheel including chips, dice and playing cards. The lucky recipient won’t be able to resist showing off this amazing gift to all her friends. Be warned though, she might find it too pretty to eat.

Is your husband, best friend or dad quite the roulette pro who loves to smarten up his shirts, get him a set of Roulette Cufflinks. It’s a gift that won’t break the bank and looks classy, especially if you opt for the 3D version that features a little ball and comes with the option to add a luxury gift box you can have engraved. A good gift is a personal one so this extra touch will surely put you on the right track. We bet he can’t wait to wear them next time he goes to the casino for a night of fun.

You could take the casino theme even further and get him a slick Roulette Necktie to put the finishing touches to his outfit for the evening. There are plenty of different motifs out there so a bit of online searching – hello Google – is bound to unearth some great options which you can order online, saving you a trip into town at the same time.

Another great idea would be a voucher towards a real live casino experience. Have a look at some of the venues close by as there is good chance they’ll have special Christmas offers or vouchers that can be purchased all year round – goodbye to stressing about upcoming birthdays. For example, Manchester235 offers Learn to Play packages including food, perfect for those friends who’ve always wanted to try a bit of roulette but don’t know the game that well. Besides dinner and drinks, the experience package involves professional croupiers teaching you tips and tricks for both Blackjack and Roulette before sending you off into the casino to put your newly acquired skills to the test.

Have you had enough of buying exciting gifts for those around you and feel you deserve a treat? We agree! SuperCasino is currently running an exclusive Christmas Advent Giveaway for loyal customers. There is a different prize to be won every day up to and including Christmas. We’ve wrapped up iPad Minis, hampers, Kindle Fires, cash and much more so you could have a nice gift just for yourself landing on your doorstep very soon.

Featured image courtesy of CandyCottage on Etsy