live roulette

We’re always looking to improved the way you play live roulette and over the last few months we’ve developed a brand new roulette client. This means you’ll now see a brand new game interface with lots of exciting improvements.

New Features

1. Now with Auto-Confirm
No longer do you need to press ‘Confirm’ for your bets to be accepted on the table. Now you simply place your chips within the usual 40 second time-frame and they’ll automatically be confirmed!

If you change your mind, you can ‘CLEAR’ all bets, ‘REMOVE’ a stack or ‘UNDO’ to reverse your last action.

2. In-Game Cashier Access
Now you can deposit through the game – simply click/tap the Menu on the top left followed by the ‘Deposit’ button – if you’re playing on a Mobile device you’ll be taken instantly to the Cashier whilst on Desktop/Laptop PC a separate Cashier window will open.

Enhanced Features

1. Favourites & Pattern Betting!
Now you can view and bet your saved Favourites bets and Pattern bets in the SAME place!

The moment you save a bet via the ‘Add Favourites’ button, that bet can be found the Favourites & Patterns section (directly above Add Favourites and lit up whenever you indeed add a favourite).

In this section you can View, Edit and even Bet with your saved Favourite bets. But that’s not all – the Patterns tab lists 31 different bet types which, when selected, will be placed on the table as a bet!

2. Auto-betting
We’ve simplified how to use our automatic betting feature – once you have a bet on the table that you wish to be automatically placed in subsequent betting rounds, simply:

1. Click on the ‘Auto-Bet’ button next to the Timer.
2. Choose the amount of betting rounds you wish to partake in through the ‘Number of Spins’ field.
3. Enter a loss limit within the ‘Stop when I lose’ field.
4. Press ‘Start’!

Your Chips will then be automatically placed in the next round and for as long as you have selected in the Number of Spins section or until you lose an amount that matches what you put in Stop When I Lose. Remember, you can ALWAYS click the ‘Stop’ button which in turn would end Auto-betting and prevent your chips being placed in the next and subsequent rounds.

The new client is now available on desktop and will soon be released for mobile devices. For all the latest offers check out our casino promotions page.