Our presenters and customers are at the heart of everything we do at SuperCasino so it was high time they received a proper introduction. In our newest blog series ‘Meet The Presenters’ we’ll be going behind the scenes with each of the presenters to discover what drives them and how on earth they stay awake at night. First up is Live Roulette legend Rob Lamarr.


The presenter

Rob bursts into the studio with enthusiasm. SuperCasino is celebrating its 10th birthday in June and he’s been with us for almost as long.

“It’ll be my 10th anniversary in November. I remember when there wasn’t a website and people could only play over the phone, with a call costing 10p. We would be on air for an hour and then during our hour off work on the phones signing people up, filling in their details so they could play.”

One thing Rob Lamarr – and his fans – seem to enjoy above all is getting dressed up for a special occasion. A few years ago he dressed up as Elvis.

“It was fun. I did the voice for the whole night, staying in character throughout.”

Looking at the video, Rob must have practised for weeks to keep it up.

“For Christmas I bring out the Santa suit. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to do it last year because I wasn’t working during the period leading up to Christmas. People kept asking why I hadn’t dressed up as Santa Clause! I do enjoy presenting on New Year’s Eve and have done it for the past 6 years. I had one year where I didn’t and the fireworks actually woke me up because I was already in bed. I don’t really go out and it’s quite a fun night to work because people join in on Twitter and email. Don’t tell the other presenters that or they’ll all want to next time!”

The preparation

For Rob a good night starts with a nap.

“I try to get a few hours in between 6 and 9pm. There’s nothing worse than stifling a yawn while presenting because it always comes at an annoying time. It also means I never get sleepy on my break. Some of the other presenters do it as well because I’ve championed it for so long. I keep telling them: You must have a sleep before you come in, it’s the best!”

When it comes to deciding on his outfit, Rob tries to have something ready before going to sleep although he has woken up not knowing what to wear. We asked him how many suits he has in his wardrobe.

“48 at the last count although I did buy a new one recently so I guess it must be 49. There’s some more in the loft as well. Ties, I’ve got two tie racks and a clothes hamper. For weekends I bring out the sparkly ones. I always turn up in my outfit for the evening so I can’t forget anything. I do have a spare tie in my bag, a plain black one to be safe. In my almost 10 years I’ve never spilt anything – touch wood.”

The show

As soon as Rob steps onto the set he starts getting the roulette table ready for the night.

“I treat it as mine and want to make sure there’s something happening, position the chips and the iPad we use. Sometimes when I come back after a break I find hair from the girls on the table.”

He laughed as he said it, so surely it’s not that bad.

“One time I fell through the stage just as we were about to start. We had moved studios, from the green screen to this lovely new set that had been built. It was my first shift on the new set, we were counting down to go live and suddenly I was on-screen and off-screen again. There was a square on the stage where the pieces didn’t fit properly and my foot had gone straight through. I was flat on my back yelling: I’m on the floor!”

It’s a good thing the start of the show is Rob Lamarr’s favourite part then.

“Just before you go on you get a little rush, no matter how many times you do it. If you didn’t get that the show would start flat. You set the tone for the night, people are watching and they get involved if you get it right.”

Watching Rob at work in the studio really shows his skill and experience. No matter how many chips are stacked on our virtual roulette table, he always keeps an overview and picks out the most popular numbers while announcing the winners.

“I like to know where players are from because it brings back memories from when I was doing promotional work around the country. People from Norfolk get an extra hello of course because that’s where I’m from.”

You’ll also notice Rob doing shout outs that come in via email and respond to people on Twitter during the show.

“It’s nice to have people engaged. Someone could tweet something and it would lead me down a different path because I’ll come up with a story which gets others involved. I was the first presenter to get Twitter and use it when live on SuperCasino!”

The dream

At the end of the night, we simply had to ask Rob what the one thing is he would love to try on air one day.

“I would turn it into Rob Lamarr’s SuperCasino for one night and do what I like. I would have a couch in here or a desk, make it something like the Tonight Show with David Letterman. Of course I’d still talk about roulette but have more light entertainment in there, bring a guest in.”

“I would ask them: ‘Do you play these games? Let me show you!’ then take them over to the table and show them how roulette works at the same time as explaining it to the viewers. It would become informal and informative at the same time. Having a chat, talk about the game, bring out the guitar (laughs). I’d love to do the sort of late night entertainment people enjoy with a big opening, coming down stairs that don’t exist. We have a lot of loyal players and we should entertain them. I want people to watch me on SuperCasino and then go away saying: That was fun, I enjoyed that.”

If you would like to give Rob Lamarr something to shout about, get in touch next time he’s live on Channel 5!

Email: rob@supercasino.com – Twitter: @RobLamarr and @SuperCasinoCom