The plans for a huge Manchester super-casino, to rival the casinos of Vegas, caused a huge stir when they were announced, with the media interest in the story peaking as arguments around location, need and ethics arose.

Of course, for every person that was against the super-casino, there was a person excited at the prospect of betting in an amazing casino in the north of England – however, it seems as though the naysayers won out when it was announced in 2008 that the lofty plans put in place had been unceremoniously scrapped.

But what happened? It all seemed good to go when Manchester first won the bid to play host to the shiny, new ‘mega casino’, beating off stiff competition from both Blackpool and the defunct Millennium Dome (now the O2 Arena) in Greenwich, London. Much of the city was excited at the prospect of having such a huge tourist attraction on the doorstep, bringing cash and tourism to the area, as well as the reported 3,000 new jobs that the casino was due to create. However, Manchester supporters had barely stopped celebrating when the plans were quickly iced after peers rejected the idea by just three votes.

Reservations about the negative impact that having a large regional casino could create was the reason given by Culture Secretary Andy Burnham. He favoured instead a plan to create eight large and eight small new casinos across the country, with non gambling areas and strict rules on not providing free drinks to patrons. There was also criticism from anti-gambling groups which could have put pressure on the decision. Of course, sensible casino visitors are able to set limits on their gambling and place bets responsibly, so supporters of the super casino would liken this reasoning to closing down public houses or bars because of the minority who drink alcohol to excess.

While they lost out on a super casino, both East Manchester and Blackpool have both benefitted from regeneration plans, and the Dome is now a prominent live music and events venue. However, those excited about the prospect of being able to visit a Vegas scale casino, without getting on a plane, have been left disappointed.

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