Have you seen our new SuperCasino advert yet? Bringing the excitement of the drop right into your home just as Live Roulette does every night on Channel 5? Here at SuperCasino, we felt it was time to listen to our players and share their love of live roulette with the nation. Our customers are the ones that make us great, and every day we work to bring them an even better live online roulette experience.


This is exactly why we opted for a straightforward advert, focusing on roulette, a real wheel and the thrill our players experience when awaiting the drop.

Want to know how long it took us to complete the ad? We did it in just a few weeks, from conception through filming to editing. Yes, that is incredibly quick and we are quite proud of how well we all worked together with the production team to create an advert that highlights the connection between our players. We currently have over 700,000 members and that number grows every day. What we say in our advert is the simple truth: we are many.

Of course we had to find the right voice for our advert and organised castings in London, Newcastle and Manchester. When Steven Cole walked in and did his audition, we all agreed he had the memorable and edgy look we wanted and a powerful voice to suit the spoken word. Steven was born in Liverpool but now lives in London. If you think you’ve seen him before, you are right. Steven was part of the soap opera Brookside cast from 1996 to 2001 where he played Leo Johnson and took up the role of the Dothraki Kovarro in the second season of Game of Thrones.


The advert was shot in some great locations such as a penthouse apartment and a top nightclub hotspot for celebs in Newcastle. We also had to do a lot of filming outdoors to get shots of the city and Steven walking the streets. It was so cold on the day of the shoot, Steven disappeared into a cloud of mist every time he exhaled and the director had to ask him to hold breath while filming. Don’t worry, he’s doing well.

One of the biggest challenges was getting the roulette wheel to Newcastle from our supplier, Cammegh in Kent. We had to take great care when transporting the wheel so it wouldn’t get damaged and had our own security to ensure the wheel wouldn’t be tampered with. It’s so heavy it took at least 4 people to lift every time it needed to be moved.

Yes, all the shots of the roulette wheel you see in the advert are 100% real! The team used a periscope lens to get close into the wheel to capture the ball drop up close. This meant the roulette wheel had to be on the floor with Steven straddling it so he could spin while the camera filmed everything. Right now the wheel is back in the SuperCasino studios meaning the black roulette wheel you see in the advert is the wheel operated at the moment by our spinners online and on television.

An actual roulette wheel, built by experts and spun live by professional spinners every night. That’s the deal we offer to our customers every single day. We believe in the thrill of live roulette and the superior online casino experience it provides our customers. Our new advert shows that this is what connects members at SuperCasino, where loyal customers receive great rewards and new players get a £10 free bonus, no deposit required.