Hollywood loves a good heist movie and casino heists have always been an extremely popular topic of the genre. Let’s take a look at Supercasino’s top 3 favourite casino heist movies and see just how far one could go in their quest to beat the house:

Ocean’s 11

The ultimate in cool, sophistication and charm; Ocean’s 11 is a classic casino heist movie from 1960 that was reintroduced to a new audience in 2000 with an all star cast featuring Hollywood heavyweights like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. The movie follows professional thief Danny Ocean and his gang of skilled con men as they attempt to pull of the biggest heist in Vegas history, simultaneously stealing the entire nights reserve from three of Las Vega’s most famous casinos, the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand. The heist itself is both impressively simple and fiendishly complicated, making this one of the most entertaining movies available still today.

3,000 Miles to Graceland

The casino heist featured on the 2001 crime film, 3,000 Miles to Graceland, is a far cry from the sophistication, meticulous planning and professionalism of the Ocean’s 11 series. Instead, this brutal depiction of greed and criminal intent stars some much less likeable characters who decide to simply storm into a casino all guns blazing during an Elvis convention and get rich the old fashioned way. Unsurprisingly, this idea doesn’t go as smoothly as planned and a web of deceit, lies and murder follow the aspiring casino thieves. This movie is another classic addition to the casino heist collection.

Rain Man

Although not a smash and grab type casino heist as the last movies mentioned above, Rain Man is still undoubtedly a classic casino film and one of the best movies of the last 50 years. Dustin Hoffman, in one of cinema’s most iconic performances, plays the role of Raymond Babbit, an autistic genius who can count cards, making him a bit of a masterclass at casino blackjack. Manipulated by his older greedy and selfish brother, Charlie Babbit (Tom Cruise), the two con men bring casinos to their knees with Raymond’s amazing knack for counting and reading Blackjack playing cards. An absolute classic in every respect!