Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Hey superfans! So last week we had a whole weekend to get through without any Big Brother at all – sob! – but now Celebrity Big Brother is back with a bang to fill the BB shaped hole in our evenings. And I’m sure it was one of the most memorable CBB launch shows to date! Here’s who went in and what went on:

White Dee

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Deirdre ‘White Dee’ Kelly is something of a reality TV veteran, having had a baptism of fire into the world of celebrity on the controversial TV show Benefits Street. Guaranteed to be an outspoken housemate, White Dee was immediately given the task of convincing US housemates that she’s actually Duchess Deirdre, and 21st in line to the throne. From what I saw of her performance , it seems like that might be something of a stretch too far!

James Jordan

I’m not a Strictly watcher – although I should be for the sparkly costumes alone – so I hadn’t heard of this pro dancer. Comments about women and cooking won’t go down well though, with any audience!

Claire King

Despite being an American I did recognise this lady as a former actress in Emmerdale (your soaps are SO much better than US ones!). Glam, feisty, loves horses – what’s not to like?

David McIntosh

A muscle-man with a fairly famous fiancé – and apparently he was once a Gladiator! The jury’s out on this one. According to Marcus he once asked a girlfriend if she’d ever been with anyone as good looking as him, and I’m not sure someone with that big an ego will go down too well with the public.

Kellie Maloney

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Once a boxing promoter named Frank, Kellie has undergone hormone therapy and more to become the woman she’s presenting to the world today. A fairly news-current character, judging by last week’s press, her gentle manner and interesting life story could put Kellie as an early contender for the CBB crown.

Audley Harrison

Now, boxing’s not my thing, so this is another housemate that wasn’t on my radar. His witty one liners had me laughing from the off though, so Olympic gold medallist Audley could be one to watch. He also has Eye of the Tiger from Rocky as his training music. Me too, puppydog! 😉


Lauren Goodger

Now here’s a celebrity I did recognise, being a fan of all things glam. TOWIE is one of my guilty pleasures, and Lauren hasn’t been out of the tabloids since she left the show. I hope she proves that there is a fun personality behind the pout.

George Gilbey

Ok, so I’ve never seen Gogglebox – there I’ve admitted it! I’ve heard it’s very funny and from what I saw of George he seems like a pretty down to earth, loveable character. Love the fact that he says it’s now harder to find a lady now that he’s a celebrity – oh, and he’s a big mummy’s boy! Contender for the final three, perhaps?

Edele Lynch

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Squeeeeeeeeeal! Say you will, say you won’t, say you’ll do what I don’t – I just can’t help but burst into song when I see Edele. She seems pretty feisty, having had a falling out with her B*Witched bandmates, so it could be a case of ‘Ot-Ohhhhh’ for this Irish popstar’s fellow celebrity housemates. I wonder if she’s packed her double denims?

Ricci from Geordie Shore

Hoping that he can follow in CBB winner Charlotte’s footsteps, Geordie Shore star Ricci is used to sharing a house with fellow reality TV stars. There might not be quite so much alcohol in the BB pad though!

Stephanie Pratt

First came brother Spencer as one part of the epic housemate that was Speidi. Now little sister Stephanie wants a crack at the Big Brother crown herself. Super pretty – I’m hoping she has a personality to match. And a great wardrobe.

Leslie Jordan

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

How could you not adore Leslie on sight? The teeny tiny Emmy award winning actor is full of mischief and had me at the line ‘I’ll see how far kindness gets me’ in his VT. Already being tipped by some viewers as a possible winner.


Plastic fantastic Frenchy is something of a reality TV pro, with several appearances across the pond. Hopefully she’ll be able to show a different side of her personality in the 24/7 environment of Big Brother. One thing’s for sure – that girl loves her pink!

Gary Busey

And so we save the best till last! What an amazing entrance this Hollywood legend made, refusing to go into the house until Emma had asked him three questions (she already had!). And did Emma say that he’s 70 years old? I can’t believe that for a second! After being practically pushed into the house, Gary got off to great start by calling 6ft6 boxer Audley ‘Orgy’. My SuperCass sense is telling me that Gary is going to be awkward housemate gold!

So there we have it superfans. What did you think of this year’s celebs? Let me know on twitter at #SuperCass. Until next time… X SuperCass X