Celebrity Big Brother 2015 is in full swing and as expected the in-house temperature has already reached record heights. No less than 9 celebrities are still in the running yet the final is just over a week away with the winner of this series being crowned on Friday 6 February. We expect the coming days to look like a sprint rather than a marathon with evictions left, right and centre.

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Many will say it’s been one of the juiciest series so far and we’ve been surprised fairly often. For example, who would have thought someone could be more annoying than Katie Hopkins? When the line-up was first revealed, the whole of Britain seemed to cringe in unison. We all remember the TV personality making jibes at the expense of people with obesity, arguing anybody can lose weight if they want to. She even made a documentary about it. Top that off with rows around immigration and benefits and you would expect her to have this series’ ‘Most Annoying Housemate’ award in the bag.


Enter Perez Hilton. You’ll know him as the American blogger who rose to fame by slagging off Hollywood stars. Generally he leaves the public alone but for Celebrity Big Brother 2015 it seems he decided it was time to change gears. Slowly but steadily, Perez moves forward on the path towards angering the nation, saying he doesn’t care what the public thinks. Complaints from viewers keep rolling in after him making sexual gestures at Katie Hopkins, simulating sex in the garden and going beyond rude. It appears Channel 5 even decided to cut certain footage that showed him asking Hopkins for sexual favours, going further than any of the housemates ever has. The public might not be fond of the British columnist but they seem to dislike the showbiz blogger even more.

Nevertheless, the public stays entertained. Ratings are so good that a plot twist was introduced for Hilton. Viewers could vote for him to receive a pass to the final or be nominated for every eviction, showing that despite the controversy Channel 5 are rather keen to keep him in the running. So far so good but tonight’s eviction could put an end to the fun. Hilton is going head to head with Katie Hopkins, Keith Chegwin and Nadia Sawalha. It might be time for him to face the music – and a lot of booing from the audience as he exits the house.

More highlights from the past week: Nadia Sawalha loses her cool after she finds out both Calum Best and Hopkins – yes, it’s her again – have been talking about her and other housemates behind her back. Instigator to the whole affair? You guessed it: Perez Hilton. After his fake walk-out, he stayed in a separate room in the Big Brother House where he found out all that was being said in the diary room. Of course the face-to-face nominations this week didn’t exactly help either. It’s all more fuel for tonight’s live eviction and the run towards next week’s final.

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