Doesn’t January always feel like the longest month in history? You’ve just survived a ridiculous amount of Christmas pudding, turkey and cranberry sauce and managed to count down into the new year without getting the cork of a champagne bottle in your eye. After a month of rushing around to buy presents and then heading from one family dinner to another to unwrap them, the start of 2015 feels almost boring. Let’s face it, you got used to the flurry and busyness of the festive season and now you’re having a hard time slowing down.


Now is the ideal time to relax! We can hear you frowning; stop it and listen carefully. Everyone is close to exhausted right now so nobody will tell you off for hibernating at least a few weeks while you recharge your batteries. See how much sense this makes? We’re not suggesting you ban all excitement – in-house entertainment is very much allowed – but you could enjoy being on the sofa while having a go at winning the biggest January progressive slot jackpots around. There’s plenty on offer so take a look and pick your favourite.

First of all, there’s the lottery. Before you go ‘hang on, I have to leave the house for that’, let us tell you that you can buy a ticket for almost any lottery draw online. The National Lottery website makes it rather easy because once you’ve signed up for an account, you can use it to participate in as many games as you like. EuroMillions currently has a £19 million jackpot for its next draw with at least one lucky Brit walking away with £1 million in the UK Millionaire maker. You can even store your favourite numbers in your account so you don’t have to remember them for next time. Handy, right?

Of course there’s more jackpots, the classic Lotto for example. Granted, the amount is lower than EuroMillions – £5,700,000 this week – but the odds of winning are higher with one chance in 14m of bagging the jackpot compared to 1 in over 116m. So it really is up to you whether you choose to go for higher prize money or better odds.

If you find playing on the lottery not quite exciting enough, there are online slot games that come with a jackpot. This means instead of waiting around for the jackpot to drop, you can have fun playing an entertaining game and maybe even accumulate some winnings while you spin the reels. You’ll find a large selection of jackpot games at SuperCasino, where the current jackpot total stands at over £3,177,000!

What you should know about progressive jackpots is that they can drop entirely at random while you are playing. Don’t worry if you’ve missed your chance as every spin you or anyone else makes contributes to the jackpot, so the prize pot will start to build again right after it’s been won. The highest amount currently available belongs to the online slot Beach Life: £2,171,000 and counting. Also worth looking at is our large collection of Marvel slot games such as Wolverine, Thor and Captain America that come with no less than four different jackpots.

Our list is far from complete but after gathering the biggest January jackpots in one place for you, we feel rather tired. So in the spirit of having a relaxing fun-filled month to kick off 2015, we’re now taking our tablet to bed to play some games. Goodnight.


*Jackpot amounts correct as of 15 January 2015 at 11am – Featured image courtesy of 1shots at