Guess who, puppydogs? I couldn’t slink off without giving my thoughts on the final – and what an incredible final it was! No one, not even Mark with his tea leaves, could’ve predicted that outcome, and at times Big Brother achieved the near impossible – SuperCass was left speechless! Here’s how it went:

Pav and Chris

It came as no surprise that Pav came last in the final – although sixth place is respectable for a newbie who was about as popular as chickpeas when he first entered the house. Still, there was a bit of every housemate (Pav and Helen included) and every viewer that expected Helen to be out first. After all, the public have been waiting so long to get her out, right? Surely they’d jump at the chance when her pass to the final couldn’t save her?

Big Brother Summer 2014

Chris, on the other hand, was a surprise eviction to some. Having spent much of the last few months at the top of the bookies’ favourites, it was Chris’s treatment of Pav and his ‘creepy Chris’ overprotectiveness of Ashleigh that saw him fall out of public favour and into fifth place.



AshBig Brother Summer 2014

Ah, lovely Ash. Lovely to look at, Ash. Everyone’s friend and, for themost part, Mr Nice Guy, could’ve been a contender to win – after all, we’ve had many nice guy winners in past seasons. Sadly though, it seems that Ash simply didn’t do enough to inspire people to pick up the phone and vote. Kudos to him and Helen for not going down the easy showmance route though, as that magazine spread was certainly beckoning!

ChristopherBig Brother Summer 2014

I never quite felt Christopher. He seemed a little too easily swayed and a little too easily turned – as Helen saw with his immediate bitching session with Ashleigh when he thought she had left the house. The romance with Mark never quite rang 100 per cent true to me either, but maybe Big Brother’s power trip has made SuperCass cynical! With a final three of Ashleigh, Helen and Christopher, it came as no surprise to me that Christopher left in third place.



Big Brother Summer 2014

By this point in the night, most involved were in a definite state of shock. Helen was meant to be hated by the public, wasn’t she? Weekly rounds of boos told us so! So why then have four other popular finalists left the house before her, leaving just Helen and Ashleigh on the sofas? Of course, there’s only one way the result can go. Angelic Ashleigh versus the devil incarnate Helen? They’ve had their fun but there’s no way the public will let Helen win. Or will they?


Big Brother Summer 2014

And so it seems that they will, as Emma calls out Helen’s name as the winner of Big Brother 2014! Even Helen looked shocked and I’m sure the public, ex-housemates and BB production team couldn’t quite believe what’s happening. Helen? Always spoiling for a fight, foul mouthed Helen is the winner (and £100k richer!)? But #SuperCassSays yes Helen was aggressive and difficult to live with at times – but she also showed unwavering loyalty to those who were her friends in the house, something that can’t actually be said for a lot of the other housemates. She also wasn’t one for bitching in corners. If Helen had a problem with you then, heck, you knew about it! Plus, the British public love an underdog, and Helen was definitely that. I’m just wishing I’d put a bet on her to win – with odds of around 100-1 at times, I could’ve won enough to keep me in pretty dresses for a while!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this season of Big Brother as much as I have superfans…and now to Celebrity Big Brother! Until next time puppydogs X SuperCass X