We’ve lost count of the amount of online casinos that are available to the public on the internet today and yes, the number keeps growing. There are different software providers delivering live roulette and other casino games, meaning the entertainment on offer has ballooned to a stage where many people can’t see forest for the trees. It has become increasingly difficult for players to find their way to the best gaming experience because they simply don’t have the time to test every single casino or game themselves.


Every minute of the spare time you choose to spend online should be more than agreeable. You want to relax, be entertained, laugh or feel excited and you deserve to get just that. If you decide online gaming is the way to get there, you should receive the best treatment and experience. With this in mind, we have listed the best live roulette games 2015. May the force of the ball drop be with you!

We won’t discuss the most basic roulette games too much as there are far superior variants to play. However, we will mention PlayTech’s 3D roulette because it’s one of the most sophisticated looking RNG online casino games. There is no live wheel here and the results are provided by a Random Number Generator, but the cleverly designed graphics do give the game a realistic feel. Placing bets has also been made easy as you are presented with both a classic roulette table and a racetrack outlining the French Bets.

Next up are live auto wheels that give you a first taste of a proper casino experience. Roulette Express Premium features an actual roulette wheel that is filmed live 24/7 and broadcast online for players to bet on. As there is no croupier involved, spins are quick so you get the ultimate thrill you are looking for. Another advantage is the fact this online casino game caters to high-rollers, with a maximum stake of £1,000 per spin while still allowing for £1 bets at the lower end of the scale.

If you’re looking to ramp up the speed at which you play, Double Up Roulette is the game to go for because you get to play on two live wheels at the same time. You still have the same 40 seconds (approximately) to place your bet but instead of waiting for the result to come in, you can confirm your bet on the second wheel. Double the action, double the excitement! This online roulette game comes with a handy option to save your favourite bets for even faster game play so it’s really up to you whether you change gear or simply keep cruising along.

Now we’ve come to the very best live roulette game, fittingly named Live Roulette. What makes it special is the fact it’s the online live roulette TV game that works with actual spinners and presenters. Every day, you can tune in on Sky Channel 862 from 6pm to 4am for the highest quality roulette you’ll find on the market. The roulette wheel is managed by a range of experienced spinners that will also announce the winners live and you’ll see your name appear on TV when you’ve snagged a win. After midnight, a professional presenter is added to the mix who will offer you bonuses, do shout outs and will makes sure you have a good time while playing from the comfort of your own home. The show even airs on Channel 5 at different times, adding to that authentic casino feeling you’ll get nowhere else.

Each of these online roulette games has its own special features, whether it’s an autowheel or a live TV show that’s being broadcast nationwide. The one thing they have in common: they are the best and you could start enjoying them today. Good luck to all players!