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By Kevin Moran

Last week we released our latest TV ad ‘This is SuperCasino’ starring Tina Brodrick and directed by Mark Lediard.

We’re proud to offer the UK’s best live roulette experience on Channel 5 every night as well as streaming our live wheel 24/7 online. Following production we got the insight of Tina and Mark to uncover the thematic inspiration and what it was like to film.

Mark Lediard

Mark Lediard SuperCasino

What was the main concept for this ad?
The main idea behind the ad was to show the two things that make Supercasino unique, that it’s real, a real wheel with real players, and that it’s live. We wanted to show this by showing how the experience of the game, the look, the sounds, the tension, the connected players, made you feel.

The styling is very powerful. What was the inspiration visually and thematically?
The inspiration for the look came from movies like Drive which has a strong visual style with bold colours and great use of neon and fluorescent lighting. The key thing was to make it feel alive and exciting, to really make the viewers feel the motion of the ball and the spin of the wheel.

What was the most challenging part of the shoot?
The most challenging part was nailing the look, the lighting, the colours, the whole mood. Everything had to work together from a visual perspective to make the ad feel cool and unique.

What was your favourite part of the filming process?
Seeing it all come together at the end in the final edit. Making sure the sounds and the pictures work together to tell the story.

Tina Brodrick

Tina Brodrick

Previous projects you’ve worked on?
I work as a model. As well as on TV commercials, I have worked on commercials for furniture companies, Asda, Jet 2, QVC, Iceland. I also work as a commercial model, so I do a lot of photographic shoots.

What was the most challenging aspect of being the lead in the new SuperCasino ad?
It was all eyes on me throughout the shoot, I’m used to others being on set with me. I had also never spun a roulette wheel before, which proved a giggle at the beginning of the shoot. However, after hours of shooting I could have passed as a pro.

What was your favourite part of the filming process?
I loved the set and being on set with such a great bunch of people. The lighting and mood was different to anything I had done before. I enjoyed the variety of shots we worked through too.

You have one spin on red or black – which do you choose?
It would have to be red. Red’s my colour!

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