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#SuperCass has had her specs on today, trying to play the Big Brother numbers game. With no clear winner shining through in the house just yet, I thought I’d have a sneaky peek at the early odds on BB housemates, for those who like to liven things up with a bet. Apart from Helen, Marlon and Steven with high odds, and then Toya and Pauline with REALLY high odds, it’s looking like a pretty open race for the rest of the housemates so far.

Chris is at the top of the pile as the current favourite to win, with his sarcasm and early underdog status causing an early rush of BB fans putting their money on the house actor. But after how much of a huge drama he’s made out of being powertrip housemate this week, Chris has slightly slipped in my estimations. I expected him to be rubbing his hands together with glee at the prospect of stealing the power from Pauline, but instead he’s whinged and moaned and even cried about it. Pull yourself together, Chris, or you’ll find yourself slipping down the odds leaderboard for sure.

Snapping at Chris’s heels is our little Essex puppydog Winston. His game for anything attitude and laidback demeanour have seen him sneak right to the top of public’s want-to-win list. The fact that his naughty catchphrase was trending on twitter can’t have hurt his odds either. Could Winston be this year’s Brian Belo?

The surprise third place housemate at the moment is Jale. Big Brother Summer 2014#SuperCassSays ‘at the moment’ as her odds do seem to be sliding after her reaction to last nights ‘over the wall’ saga. Maybe Jale is just popular with the public by default at the minute – because her arch-enemies Helen and Pauline are so very unpopular. She’ll need to do a little more to keep her mitts on this position, and antagonising early favourite Chris is really not a smart move.

After Jale come Mark, Christopher and then Matthew, although my tea leaf prediction would be that Matthew keeps rising through the ranks as we see more of him. His dry wit and quirky nature had #SuperCass laughing from day one, but the house rows and louder characters (*cough* Mark) are stopping him from shining at the minute. He’s also emerging as the least paranoid and most level-headed housemate, although get him up for eviction and that could all change. Keep it cool, Matthew!

Moving on, we have Kimberly, Ash, Ashleigh and Danielle, all crowding the middle ground. I think that if Danielle plays her cards right, her comedy moments could see her rising through the ranks. Did you see her face when Winston was telling his ‘tinkle’ story?! Classic.

Oh so ironically, it’s down in the doldrums that we find the ‘popular’ housemates of the house. Helen, Marlon, Steven, Toya and Pauline might think they’re channelling Mean Girls, but really they’re just channelling mean – and as #SuperCassSays ‘don’t be mean, or you’ll be evicted and the audience will boo you!’ I loved Toya’s feisty one-liners when she first entered the house, but I fear she’s been dragged down by early morning workout queen Jazzy P. Maybe when, sorry, if, Pauline is given the BB boot this Friday, we’ll see more of the pink tutu wearing Toya that we saw on launch night.

If #SuperCass was fancying a flutter right now, I’d put my money on Matthew to win. But until he gets more air time I’m saving my money for the glam Vegas slots at SuperCasino.com instead.

Until next time…X SuperCass X