#SuperCass Says:

It’s been another action-packed week in the BB house, superfans – no one can accuse this show of being dull! I’ve had the popcorn out in my front row seat for even more explosive rows and that farm task (ewww!) – here are my top 5 sparkly highlights from week two, puppydogs:

1 – Bye Bye Jazzie P

She came, she rose, she fell, she left – Pauline must have had the Paulinequickest fall from grace of any housemate on Big Brother yet. Put on a pedestal as the mom figure in the house, high energy rap queen Jazzie gave herself the push with her powertrip favouritism and cutting criticisms of Christopher and Jale.

2 – Danielle in a Chicken Hat

The more I see of Danielle, the more that girl grows on me – she is completely bonkers, in a good way (all the best people are ;)). I loved her reaction to having to dress as a chicken for the disgusting farm Danielle Big Brothertask. ‘But it’s humiliating!’ she whined. ‘This is Big Brother,’ piped up Ash, ‘The whole thing’s humiliating.’ Too true Ash. Noone ever said that being let into the world of celebrity wouldn’t come at a price. I’m reminded of that every night when I’m standing in 4inch heels for hours!

3 – Winston’s Shark Story

Ahh, Winston and his tall tales! Every night I wonder what jackanory Winston Big Brother 2014we’ll be settling down to. One of my favourite moments of the week was his recollection of having a fight with a shark. I’m waiting for the crocodile wrestling anecdote this week!

4 – Toya’s Powertrip Meltdown

Oh my goodness – if you watched the show last night you’ll know that Toya Big Brother 2014there were fireworks from new powertrip housemate Toya. Having to deal with a trio of hacked off housemates whose nominations she’d discarded (Steven, Marlon and Ash) – plus Winston, who somehow ended up in the middle of the drama – the youtube diva kicked off in spectacular fashion. One of my favourite diary room quotes of hers came afterwards – ‘This is not a popularity contest’, she told Big Brother. Toya, I’m not sure you’re grasping the premise of the show, Chihuahua.

5 – Stimberly

Following the cutting short of the Tamara/Winston/Spaghetti Steven and Kim Big Brother 2014Bolognaise affair, Steven and Kimberly seem to be stepping up to the plate as new house power couple. I’m not convinced that it’s 100 per cent genuine on either side, but I’ll take a showmance over nothing. Ash and Helen also seem to be going for the OK! spreads with a cheeky flirtation, but I’m overlooking them for as long as I possibly can as the nickname ‘Hash’ or ‘Alen’ is really not glamorous.

So there we go superfans – my week two best bits. I’m off for a spin of SuperCasino’s Beach Life slot now – it reminds me of my home in sunny California! Don’t forget to stalk me on twitter  –  you’ll find me commentating on the house action, in my own ‘special’ way, every night at #SuperCass.

Until later puppydogs… X SuperCass X