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Me again superfans! Hope you had a fabulous weekend full of fun, treats and, of course, lots of Big Brother action. It’s been another really good week in the house – BB is spoiling us this year!


Here are my #SuperCass best bits:


1 – Hurricane Toya

It was time for Hurricane Toya to whirl her way out of the BB house, Big Brother Summer 2014as the public chose to evict her on Friday. Last week, Toya found out that having the power is not the picnic you’d imagine, as her decisions (supposedly made jointly with Matthew…umm), saw her lurching from one row to another. Ash, Winston and Marlon all felt the full force of this whirlwind, but Toya may have taken things a step too far with her belittling personal put downs. Toya, honey, there’s a way to win an argument – and when you play dirty, you end up with mud on your face!


2 – Kimberly’s Sneaky Secret

There have been whispers about my homegirl Kimberly on Bit on the Big Brother Summer 2014Side this week, with Emma Willis even chatting to a man named Sasha who claims to have been Kimberly’s boyfriend for three years! If this is true then it’s a dangerous game that Kimberly is playing. While everyone loves a house romance, the public don’t like being played for fools. Is Stimberly nothing but a clever game that our proper Playboy bunny is playing? #SuperCass will return the hat, pronto.


3 – Red or Green?

I usually prefer the question red or black, but I’ve made an exception this week with Big Brother’s Red or Green shopping task? Big Brother Summer 2014Housemates have been subjected to a variety of tasks, including indulging in a ‘Big Breakfast’ of fish and rotten eggs, twerking and having nominations revealed. All good Big Brother fun and games – it’s just a shame the housemates failed the task. Those rotten eggs will be looking good after a week of chickpeas – and we all know what no cigarettes can do to the house. Uh-oh, hold onto your sofa cushions puppydogs, we could be in for a rough ride this week.


4 – Mark

Mark is just going higher and higher in my opinion with every passing day, and it seems I’m not the only member of the Mark fan club. The Big Brother Summer 2014high-maintenance Scouser has overtaken Winston and Chris as the bookies favourite to win, which I’m sure is thanks to his willingness to stick up for anyone he sees being bullied in the house, as well as his hilarious one-liners and endless dramas over his appearance. And his Jale makeovers have had me crying with laughter behind the roulette wheel. Jale, girl, stay away from Mark and his eyebrow powder!


5 – Girl Power (Trip)

This week’s PowerTrip twist saw the girls brought into power, and a Big Brother Summer 2014decision needs to be made about which boys they will save and which they will put up for eviction. #SuperCass senses trouble ahead, as each girl has her own favourite. In particular, Helen will want to save Ash, while Ashleigh will want to wave bye bye to the Manc model. I’m sensing a Helen V Danielle/Ashleigh show down this week, superfans.

So there you have it puppydogs, my week three best bits all wrapped up and tied with a pretty bow for you. I’ll see you later during tonight’s show and Bit on the Side at #SuperCass, but for now I’m easing my Monday blues with a few spins on the Top Trumps Celebs slot.

Bye for now, chihuahuas X SuperCass X