So it’s been a busy old week in BB land, and no one can accuse this year’s season of getting off to a slow start! We’ve had plenty of fighting, a little bit of loving and a whole heap of paranoia thanks to the Power Trip theme – and #SuperCass is loving it! Here are my top 5 sparkly highlights from week one, puppydogs:

1 – Launch Night x 2

It was a case of double trouble this year, with not one but two launch nights to get our BB juices well and truly flowing. The house was beginning to look like clone-central on launch night 1, with a house full of tough cookie beauty queens, when the second quirkier batch of housemates threw a welcome gang of cats among the pigeons.

2 – Danielle V Helen

Nomination results always stir up strong emotions – and non were stronger than Danielle’s when she found out that she’d been put up for the public vote. Our good catholic girl turned the air bluer than a shore bar full of sailors, with queen bee Helen wading in to stoke her fires even more. Now, now, girls – play nice (just not too nice)!

3 – Pauline’s Power Trip ENDS

Is it just me or did the power go to Pauline’s head SUPER quickly? Positioning herself as cook, mummy and chief criticiser of housemates, I was over the moon when the power switched from her to Chris, who I thought would relish it, in a cheeky way. I never expected him to make such a drama over a few nominations though – come on Chris, enjoy yourself, it’s the name of the game afterall!

4 – Tears from Tamara

Poor Tamara and Winston. Theirs must have been the shortest BB romance in the history of BB romances. A few shared bathtimes, spag bol in the pod and a quick garlicky kiss– hardly enough to warrant an OK! spread – and our blonde business Barbie was unceremoniously removed from the house by the public vote. Too bad Tamara. Maybe try your luck on a different reality TV show, with the new Britain’s Got Talent slot at Well you did say you were better than everyone else, so let’s see if Simon agrees!

5 – Steven’s Meltdown

And with Chris’s secret Power Trip nominations come yet more drama, this time from a rather sorry-for-himself Steve. What was last night’s meltdown? He looked like he’d been secretly given the football results from Saturday night! I sincerely hope he’d merely had one too many shandies and will be back to stirring the pot tonight. No one likes to see a grown man sob, Steve!


There’s no doubt it’s been an electric first week in the BB house – I, for one, am LOVING it! Here’s hoping the dramas continue this week, giving #SuperCass lots to talk about in the bumpers, here on the blog and in the twittersphere! Don’t forget to follow me, superfans, for the latest from my front row spot right next to the Big Brother action – and, if you fancy even more late night excitement, stick around on Channel 5 for Live Roulette after the action in the house. Until later…

X SuperCass X