Slot machines are a great choice if you like variety, great payouts and fun gameplay.

To the online casino novice, learning how to play the games can be overwhelming at first. However, slots are great for those who are new to online casino games as they are so simple to play.

One of SuperCasino’s popular movie themed online slots is the Kong slot, which is a five reel, 20 line slot game. The reel is simply the vertical line that runs down the display i.e. a five reel games will have five symbols and five reels that spin individually, whereas 20 lines means that there are 20 horizontal lines of symbols on the ‘wheel’.

The basic aim of the King Kong game, and indeed any slot game, is to obtain winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels.
In traditional slot machines you could only win on one ‘payline’ – the one most visible when the reels stopped spinning. However, modern animated machines, like the ones at SuperCasino, allow players to choose more than one payline to win from. For example, selecting payline number 6 will activated paylines 1 through to 6, giving the player a higher chance of winning for a higher initial stake.

You can also increase or decrease the bet amount at whim and on Kong, and many other SuperCasino slots, you can select Bet Max which will activate all of the paylines, with the maximum bet per line, before spinning the wheels. Obviously this option requires the highest stake but also has the highest chance of a payout.

This flexibility means that slot machines are a fantastic online casino game for all budgets, from those who just want to play for fun, to those who want to have the maximum chances of winning big.

When you’ve selected your bet amount and paylines then simply click spin and the slot will whizz into action. You can also use the AutoPlay function on some slots to choose 10 to 50 consecutive spins.

The machine will of course calculate and display any wins to you automatically, so there’s no need to worry about keeping up. Wins will be calculated according to the paytable i.e. the win will equal the line bet times the corresponding multiplier. A scatter win will be calculated as the total bet times the corresponding multiplier.

In addition to the basic slot machine wins many online casino slots have exciting bonus rounds. These are often themed to the game – for example, on King Kong there is the Skull Island Bonus which is a bonus game unlocked by a certain symbol combination when played in Jungle mode, and the City Tower bonus that can only be unlocked when the game is played in Big City mode (give it a try).

Of course, the holy grail of the slot machine is the jackpot, and this will vary from slot to slot. Some slot machine games even offer progressive jackpots, which build up from all the games in that particular group, no matter which online casino they are played in. These can result in a considerable payout, and a progressive jackpot win would certainly be cause for celebration.

All in all, slot games are fantastic for online casino game players of all levels of experience, and represent a fun, friendly and easy to play online gaming option.