There’s nothing like a bit of pranking to liven up a tedious day at the office. I’m sure you’ve arranged quite a few in the past or even been a victim of one. Colleagues spend so much time together, a good sense of humour and the freedom to throw some banter around is a must. If you’ve never tried pranking before, give it a go! Just make sure to respect a person’s possessions. Breaking Jimmy’s favourite Arsenal mug won’t go down well, no matter how funny gluing it to his desk is.

We’ll start you off with a few basic office pranks before moving on to some serious showstoppers. Most of these are classics so we’re sure you’ll recognise a couple.

Unplug your victim’s mouse and keyboard. It can take quite some time before they realise what’s up and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Go further and stick a post-it note to the bottom of a mouse, so even if he thinks he’s found the issue, it still won’t work.

Change the computer screen resolution so it’s close to black. The poor sod will think his computer screen is broken and frantically start pressing buttons on his PC. A variation would be to set it to upside down. Especially if the target isn’t too tech savvy, they will mess around for a long time before blushingly asking for help.

Kidnap an item from someone’s desk. Leave a ransom note with a picture of what you took. This works particularly well for stuffed animals called ‘Squishy’. Should they even be in the office?

For your colleagues who frequently leave their computer unattended while forgetting to lock it. Set a picture of Justin Bieber as their desktop background or create a new folder with the most embarrassing name you can think of. We can suggest ‘My Lingerie Collection’ for your macho co-worker. Even better if you have time, stick a couple of pics in there too.

All warmed up after trying these on a few unsuspecting work mates? Time to move into the big leagues with these 5 epic office pranks.


1. It’s a classic but works a treat every time. Wrap every single item on your victim’s desk in aluminium foil or use Christmas-themed wrapping paper if you’re in a festive mood. If you have time to go the extra mile, wrap the desk too! Word to the wise, get a few other co-workers in on this, so you don’t waste an entire day.

2. For those with limited time and resources on their hands, here’s an epic office prank to suit your tastes. Get a hold of your target’s business cards, take out a small number and write something embarrassing on the back of each one, like ‘I’m a total dork’ or ‘I still take my lucky bear to bed’. Spread the pranked cards all over the box and watch your colleague freeze in shock next time he hands one out. Quite a simple one but don’t underestimate the effect. We’ve been told one guy it happened to became so paranoid he still checks every card before handing it out.

3. Do you know a bit about computers? Excellent, because you need to for this office prank. Instead of just unplugging your colleague’s keyboard and mouse, try to switch a few around. This works best with wireless gadgets of course. Suddenly George’s spreadsheet will be at the mercy of Adam’s typing and both are freaking out because nothing on their screen matches their mouse movements. Hilarious!

4. When you finally bag that promotion, make sure you don’t get a big head over it – feel free to brag a little though, mate. If your co-worker or boss has his own office, take advantage of his lunch break to replace everything in it with doll-sized furniture. A great way to humble someone or say congrats on being promoted. We bet your victim will never start feeling too big for his office.

5. We’ve saved the best for last. This requires a colleague to go on holiday for about two weeks for proper pranking. First, remove everything from the desk and raise the edges. You can do this by simply taping cardboard all around the sides. Cover the desk with some soil and sow grass – rye grass sprouts quickest apparently. Water it regularly and use some desk lamps – or proper growing lamps if you want to go all out – to keep it nice and warm. Once you have a nice patch, put everything back and you’ll have a neat desk lawn. These guys did and it looks awesome!

As we mentioned before, stay cool about it. Don’t bully people, know your boss to minimise the chance of getting fired, don’t destroy anyone’s property and mentally list all the consequences beforehand, so they’re not too outrageous and you know what you’re getting into.

Happy pranking!

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